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This is a three-year strategy, but the two strategic priority areas of prevention and education, and treatment and support will continue to drive activity to reduce gambling harms over the life of the strategy and beyond.

Throughout this strategy we have highlighted the importance of partnership working to deliver progress towards reducing gambling harms.

The Gambling Commission has led the development of this strategy, based on the advice and views of a broad range of stakeholders with an interest or role to play. Over time, it may become clear that some elements of the strategy would benefit from leadership or increased responsibility by other bodies, and we will work closely with all partners to put in place the right governance arrangements to ensure effective delivery of the strategy.

An implementation plan for the strategy will be published early in the first year, setting out roles and responsibilities and enabling actions to deliver the strategic priority outcomes. Advice on progress against the strategy’s implementation plan will be given by the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling, on an annual basis, and the implementation plan will be refreshed and updated over the course of the strategy to reflect progress made.

This approach will require strong co-ordination and collaborative action with a range of partners including national and local government, health and social care bodies, gambling businesses, experts by experience, third sector organisations and many others if the strategy is to succeed.

Year one: 

  • The Commission will publish an implementation plan early in Year 1. 
    • Refining actions in the implementation plan.


  • The Commission will work with partners to develop the governance arrangements to deliver the strategy, replacing the outdated Statement of Intent. 
    • Developing effective governance arrangements.  
  • The Commission's independent advisers, the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling will review progress on an annual basis. 
    • Measuring progress. 
  • To reflect the annual progress reports and developments over time, the Commission will update the actions and the implementation plan. 
    • Implementing changes to the approach where necessary. 
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